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2018 YYC Injectionist Grand Opening Party

We provided our event photography services for YYC Injectionist's grand opening party

at their new location in Calgary in November 2018! Please make sure to visit their Macleod Trail location for beauty services.

Each guest who attended had the opportunity to take a tour of the new clinic, which was absolutely stunning and worth the wait.

The clinic was a great spot to get a few Instagram posts before heading on to the main event in the penthouse floor.

We had a blast with all of the attendees and Nika who ran a very successful event and hope to be part of their anniversary gala next year. Everyone had a great time and all of the guests loved having photos to remember the night with friends and new contacts.

The grand opening event had several demos of available services including a lip service feed from the YYC Injectionist clinic and vendor partners such as for brow design services.

We are sharing a glimpse of the event, with many guests getting awesome photos of their outfits from the wonderful night, and certainly the hottest ticket in Calgary for the weekend. Please message us to book your gala or party with us.