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2019 YYC Injectionist VIP Anniversary Gala

Last year's awesome opening event got event hotter with 2019's YYC Injectionist VIP Anniversary Gala featuring a ton of beauty vendors, social media influencers and many many more guests. Drag shows, singing, truly a fantastic gala for attendees. Lots of laughs and lots of fun!

Did we mention it was getting close to Christmas? We had some great Christmas shots to celebrate the upcoming festive season!

The LED lighting in the venue kept changing, which gave me some great opportunities to catch the backlight with the perfect colours to match the shot

We had a blast with taking

photos of all of the attendees and Nika once again ran an awesome event that just grew bigger and bigger to the spectacle we got to experience. I got to meet new and familiar faces from last year. It's also great to be recognized by many guests for my Instagram profile which has been getting quite a following in recent years, and they loved to have a little mini photo shoot with their evening dresses.

We are sharing a glimpse of the event, with many guests getting awesome photos of their outfits from the wonderful night, and certainly the hottest ticket in Calgary for the weekend. Please message us to book your gala or party with us.