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Boudoir Photography - Woman in Lingerie and garter in boudoir photo sessoin in Calgary

Boudoir Photography

Calgary Boudoir Photos - Your Dream Boudoir Session Awaits

Boudoir photography can be the perfect gift for your significant other. As an experienced boudoir photographer in Calgary, I work to make your photo session experience a very enjoyable one whether this is your first time in front of the camera, or your first time since being a recent mother. We welcome all women to our photo sessions, and provide boudoir pose and boudoir lingerie outfit ideas for your photo session. Our home studio is located in Calgary, but can travel for bachelorette and stagette parties.

We are also offering boudoir photo + video packages, elevate your boudoir experience.

Contact us for booking and inquiries on a custom boudoir photoshoot

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Boudoir Frequently Asked Questions

Boudoir FAQ

Q. What is boudoir photography? 

A. Boudoir is a french term for a woman's dressing or private room. It is where a woman's most intimate secrets are kept behind closed doors, and that includes a woman's body and secret desires. Boudoir photography is an extension of that intimacy, empowering women to dress sexy and confidently in a bedroom setting and be proud of their body.

Q. How many lingerie outfits can I wear for my boudoir photography session? 

A. Bring as many lingerie outfits as you wish as time allows. We recommend 2 to 4 lingerie outfits per hour, but please bring more and we can recommend which may suit you best. Our number one recommendation for boudoir outfit is a corset and garters, which provide you the best curves in all the right places! We also recommend stockings,  a few lace bras and panties, heels and a few accessories to bring along. Just have fun, and remember this is to empower yourself as well as getting a smile from your SO. We also suggest to bring an fun outfit, such as your hubbie's tie and shirt, even a jersey. Think of your SO's reaction!

Q. I would love to have a photo session with my girl friend, can a boudoir photo session be shared?

A. Yes definitely, in fact we encourage to bring a friend to your session. You can share a one or two hour boudoir session at no additional cost, sharing the number of photos. We can build you a discounted boudoir package, and if you have more than one friend, we can build you a custom mini marathon boudoir photo package just for you!

Q. I saw you have lifestyle boudoir sessions? Can you please tell me more?

A. Lifestyle boudoir sessions are a twist to a traditional boudoir session, emulating a lazy but super sexy weekend. They can be done in socks, pajamas, bra and panties, sweater, but they are pantless! We recommend to try them as they are a lot of fun for our clients. We also have a high vault ceiling to do unique top down shots.

Q. Where are you located in Calgary? Would you shoot boudoir at my house?
A. We are located in the NW in Calgary, we will provide our private home studio location upon booking. We unfortunately do not shoot boudoir at client homes. We do shoot at hotels on special occasions with client requests, usually reserved for wedding bookings.

Q. Do you do boudoir marathons? 

A. Yes we do boudoir marathons or boudoir events usually around Christmas and Valentine. We do boudoir year round on demand and can create a mini marathon package for you and your friends. The more friends, the better your cost per person. Please contact us to book your custom lingerie and boudoir party.

Q. I would love a boudoir photo session for my fiance, do you do bridal boudoir? I would love one with my bridesmaids as well as part of my bachelorette party!

A. Wedding day and bridal boudoir are very popular, and in high demand. True story, 5 of my recent weddings were initially boudoir clients. We can offer you a boudoir session as part of your wedding or book it separately. If you are looking for a bridemaids bachelorette boudoir party we can customize your package and also get your a hair and makeup artist.

Q. I do not want my photos out in public. Will you make sure not to post my boudoir photos?

A. All of our photos posted are done with our clients consent and we will never post private photos without your permission and consent. I would say about 80% off our clients say  yes to having photos posted anonymously, as our clients are absolutely stunning and you are as well. We hope you will love your boudoir photos and we fully respect your wishes to keep them private.

Q. Do you offer Christmas or Valentine boudoir photography specials?

A. We usually have an early bird sale for both Christmas and Valentine boudoir photo sessions, which includes a discount on the package or a special offer if the photo session is shared with a friend. Our sales are announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages first, including flash sales. Please make sure to follow both to stay up to date, or simply contact us and ask us about our specials! We can provide you the perfect boudoir photo gift within your budget.

Q, I am a plus size woman / had a baby recently, and self conscious about parts of my body, are you able to take care of my worries for my boudoir photoshoot and provide poses?

A. We have clients of all sizes and ages, and every woman is beautiful. We have a decade of experience with plus size boudoir photography and will provide you with posing techniques to give you the best beautiful images. Once you see the first shots you will be blown away at your beauty, and you will love the rest of the session. We also retouch any blemishes or scars for your edited photos. Please ask us and we will be more than happy to share some of our plus size women boudoir clients photos who have given us permission.

Boudoir Portfolio

Our Boudoir Photography Portfolio

All boudoir photos in our portfolio are taken in our  Calgary boudoir home studio.  Tell us which photos and poses you would love for yourself while booking

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