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2018 DIL Gala - Charity Event

We had a wonderful time at the 2018 DIL Gala hosted in 2018 by the wonderful Sheraton in Eau Claire in Calgary. President of the DIL Walk Foundation Raman Kapoor and her husband Dr. Anmol Kapoor promotes a yearly charity DIL gala event bringing hundreds of supporters every year from around Calgary and the rest of Canada and raising donations to fight and bring awareness to heart disease,

This gala is one of the most prestigious and anticipated events in Calgary every year, and many guest speakers provide wonderful stories and inspiraiton. Gala attendees also get to experience live music, shows and many more to stay entertained as well as a great dinner as part of their gala ticket. I had the chance to capture so many talented acts and singers.

Please visit their website to keep up to date on charity events or to provide support

Here are a few highlights of the event. Contact us and provide us with details of your event or gala to confirm our availability.